5 Digital Marketing Service Case Studies Every Business Should Know

Despite the fact that the global pandemic has crumpled many businesses, digital marketing is the one industry that has continued to thrive. As the world continues to shift towards a post-pandemic era, businesses are looking to jump into the digital marketing bandwagon to stay afloat.

According to Statista, ad spending in the Digital Advertising market is projected to reach US$144,808m in 2020.

Clearly, digital marketing is the new way forward.

If you want to leverage the benefits of the world of digital and make your business stand out from the crowd, check out these 5 digital marketing service case studies.


Airtasker is a trusted community platform that works to connect the people who want to outsource their day-to-day chores and the people who are willing to do it. Airtasker, founded in 2012 has brought together a community of over 600,000 users ready to complete everyday chores and errands, including cleaning, deliveries, office admin and IT help. It has created more than $40 million worth of tasks from individuals and businesses alike.

Key Objectives

Airtasker approached Uplers for SEO support with two tiers of digital objectives they hoped to achieve.

1. Link Building

Extensive link building campaign to help with their rankings and grow their organic traffic.

2. Boost brand awareness.

In a short span of 10 months, Airtasker’s online traffic increased. With the help of Uplers dedicated digital marketing team, Airtasker was able to secure more than 30 authority links (Trust me, it’s a big deal). Check out the entire digital marketing case study- here.

So how was it all done?


  • Airtasker’s website performance was analyzed and optimized.
  • A link-building strategy was developed to target a relevant selection of high authority Australian websites and an extensive range of valuable links were secured.
  • With a far-reaching content syndication campaign, Uplers propelled Airtasker’s brand awareness to unprecedented heights.

Results Achieved

  • Airtasker’s organic traffic increased by 7251%.

“I am very pleased to say that Uplers delivered results and we consequently saw marked improvements with overall traffic performance. Our rankings shot up, where most of our key terms moved from beyond page 3 of Google to the top five positions. Due to the success of rankings, organic traffic to the targeted category pages also grew a considerable amount, and continues to grow month on month.

SIMON REYNOLDS- VP Marketing at Airtasker

Ribs and Burgers

Ribs & Burgers is a premium quick-service restaurant brand, specializing in mouth-watering ribs, succulent steaks and burgers. They have layouts in 16 different locations around Australia, and several more in the UK and South Africa.

Key Objectives

Ribs & Burgers found it hard to tackle a significant gap between their brand recognition and sales. The geographically-specific awareness of the brand was quite low and the two main identified goals for Ribs & Burger were:

1. Drive local brand awareness

2. Increase sales in all the 16 Australian locations


  • Develop a local SEO strategy in collaboration with the Ribs & Burgers team, designed to achieve their goals of brand awareness and increased sales
  • Conduct a content audit of their local restaurant listings, and find geographically relevant keywords to optimize these pages
  • List the brand on all reputable local online restaurant directories in Australia
  • Link all branded location pages within Google Analytics to track traffic and activity
  • Manage and optimize the campaign over the course of a 10-month period

Results Achieved

  • 1,188 customers picked up orders from in stores
  • 1,414 users subscribed to the newsletter
  • 30,100 people contacted the business
  • 3,527 orders placed from local online directories i.e. Yelp, True Local, Hotfrog and Start local
  • 28% increase in unique website visitors
  • 105,944 people requested driving directions to Ribs & Burgers venues across all Australian locations

The local SEO campaign for Ribs & Burgers attracted over 2 million unique visitors to their website, which is a significant increase of 28% in just 10 months. Check out the full digital marketing service case study- Ribs & Burgers.

Survival Emergency Solutions

The world’s leading provider of First Aid Kits for the workplace, home, vehicle and outdoor activities.

Key Objectives

Survival Emergency Solutions approached Uplers with the following objectives:

1. To become the first choice in Australia when someone looks for first aid kits

2. To increase their reach, targeting a large audience who may require first aid kits in offices, home, cars or travelling.


Here’s how Uplers approached to achieve Survival Emergency Solutions’s objectives-

To become the first choice

  • Research

Uplers conducted a holistic research to find 8000 people searched for first aid kits every month on Google and there was just a need to drive these searches to the client’s website.

  • Website Optimization

Client’s website was optimized to match industry standard

  • SEO Optimization

SEO experts at Uplers ran a detailed audit based on competitor analysis and search trends to learn and implement the SEO recommendations.

  • Increased Brand Reach

Link building strategies along with influencer marketing was brought into the picture to track increased brand awareness.

Uplers has helped Survival Emergency Solutions acquire many credible links. Check out the full case study here.

Results Achieved

Ranking first on Google for its prime keywords like

  • “workplace first aid kit plus”
  • “snake bite bandage”
  • “first aid kit”
  • “first aid kit online”


Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) is the peak national organization for Australians affected by breast cancer and consists of a network of more than 110,000 members and 300 members groups.

Key Objectives

1. Increase traffic on the website

2. Spread awareness about the disease

3. Brand awareness

4. Increase donations


  • Extensive Keyword Research

SEO experts at Uplers started with an extensive keyword research based on the disease, symptoms and treatment to optimize the performance of awareness campaigns.

  • Paid Marketing

Keeping a close eye on the keywords and Google Account updates, well-optimized ad copies were generated to help BCNA spread awareness for its various events.

  • Display Campaign

To leverage the Google Display Network (GDN) paid display campaigns were created to boost ads visibility.

  • Mobile Campaign

A separate mobile-only campaign was executed for accounts where mobile search was performing well.

Results Achieved

  • Improvement in traffic

The number of clicks improved by 219%

  • Improvement in CTR

The CTR improved by 42%

Check out the full case study to understand how Uplers helped BCNA to spread awareness across 700 Thousand people in 240 days.

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Choosewell Pty Ltd is an Australian Health Insurance Comparison service provider based in Melbourne. They have over 70 insurance advisors, who help save time, money and hassle by helping compare a selection of appropriate health insurance policies.

Key Objectives

  • Get Calls from Text Ads & Website

Receive calls from Google’s call extensions & through the website with a duration of more than 10 seconds

  • Compare Health Insurance Form Submits

‘Online Compare Form’ submissions.

  • Request a Call Back Form Submits

Submits ‘Request A Callback’ form on the website.


  • Google Ads Campaign

We created and implemented generic brand search and remarketing campaigns to gain some initial leads and boost brand awareness.

  • Competitive Targeting Campaign

Competitor targeting campaigns, end of the financial year and fund-raising campaigns were generated and executed to lower the CPL (cost per lead), which helped in increased lead flow.

  • Campaign Optimisation

Performed a/b testing for Google ads campaigns to decrease the CPC (cost per click) and increase the CTR (click through rate).


  • Increase in lead volume by 572%
  • Increase in sales by more than 390%
  • A total of 758 calls received from text ads, website and landing pages
  • 3,491enquiries and leads from website and landing pages

Read the entire Choosewell Case Study to understand how the above feat was achieved.

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